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We are in a time of vacation for some, for others beginning to enjoy...

 We are in a time of vacation for some, for others beginning to enjoy them and we will try to do things that we do not do during the year that, although it has been a little different, we have not been able to do because of confinement or work.

For some, they will be rest, for others fun, but the ideal will be to combine both.

Holidays are the perfect plan that we would do throughout the year if we did not have obligations, the rhythm of daily life and routines.

And although all this seems easy, idyllic and surely most of us agree that vacations provide us with these sensations, the reality is different. Sometimes we are not able to enjoy them, we enter other stress processes such as: deciding what to do, where to go, with whom, when, until when, what to visit, etc. And what is worse, once this phase is over we are unable to disconnect since we continue to think about what we have left to do and what we should do when we return. In short, we do not live in the present.

From Multitubo we give you some tips for a summer of disconnection:

1. Change the usual atmosphere

In order to relax, it is interesting to discover new places, do different things ... If you can find a destination where you can spend your vacation days, although with caution, discovering Spain this year is perfect. If the option is to stay at home, due to the current situation, there is no problem, but you should try a little more to find and discover new places in your city or town that allow you to discover new sensations.

2. Disconnect from mobile

It is difficult, we know, it is not necessary all day, during naps, at night, when you go for a walk, to the beach ... Do it when you feel like it, but it will surely be most relaxing for you not to depend on him, something to which surely you are more than used. Don't be overwhelmed if you find it unsafe or stressful at first, you'll see the bright side later.

3.Enjoy your hobbies

Cycling, running, cooking, walking, dancing, games, ... Doing an activity that you like will help you forget about problems and worries while you practice it. If you already dedicate time to your hobby, try to pay your full attention to each act you do.

4. reinforce your self-knowledge

Learning doesn't take place, does it? On vacation it is ideal to retrieve that book you bought that seemed ideal to improve your work skills or perhaps you have time to visit that museum that was recommended to you long ago, or see that documentary that will surely make you talk during lunch or dinner. Take time to stimulate your mind.

5. Get involved and talk

Surely it has been a long time since you picked up the phone and called friends and asked them, or you are going to make plans with them or relatives that you have not seen in a long time, spend time with these people and talk or visit these people who sometimes are not so close.

6. Stimulate your creativity

Inspiration comes anytime, anywhere. Being on vacation is a place where your mind is relaxed and stimulated to come up with ideas. Keep your notebook handy and bring out your creative side to have ideas that may be interesting.


But remember that "When you like your job every day is a vacation"

For this you can collect everything you have learned about yourself in the last few days. Surely it will serve you from now on to:

  • Relieve stress.
  • Find moments to be with yourself.
  • Take advantage of time in a different way.
  • Be more relaxed with others.
  • Improve your ties with co-workers.
  • Have new ideas.
  • Being full of motivation.
  • Overflow creativity.
  • Ease of practicing self-knowledge.


Good holidays and we wait for you connected when you return!