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 AIS KLIMA KLETT underfloor heating system now certified by AENOR

We have obtained the AENOR 001/007278 and 001/007279 certifications for our AIS KLIMA KLETT underfloor heating system.

Our KLIMA KLETT AIS system meets all the technical requirements established in the UNE-EN 1264 standard: "Surface-integrated water circulation heating and cooling systems", and its main advantages are:

  • Greater hold and flexibility:

PERT EVOH pipe composed of seven layers including self-adhering taping. The pipe is made of temperature resistant polyethylene (PERT), which provides high flexibility and incorporates an intermediate layer of EVOH as a barrier to prevent oxygen diffusion. The self-adhesive taping increases the fixing capacity of the pipe avoiding installation problems.

  • Higher productivity in the installation:

The KLIMA KLETT AIS system is very easy and fast to install, reducing time, optimizing the cost of installation and increasing your productivity.

  • High thermal insulation:

Thermal resistance in accordance with the requirements established in the UNE-EN 1264-4 standard. The high thermal insulation that is achieved makes it possible that it is not necessary to resort to additional insulation, which makes the installation more expensive and complicated.

  • Acoustic insulation according to regulations:

Panel with acoustic insulation that meets the requirements established in the CTE.

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