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AIS M1 press fittings are suitable to connect multilayer pipes PERT-Al-PERT for cold and hot water and heating applications.

These big dimension fittings are suitable for large buildings such as Hospitals, Industries, Commercial big surfaces…

press conncection m1 ais concept web transparent          connection male ais concept web transparent        te m1 ais concept web transparent            elbow 90 m1 ais concept web transparent


Our fittings high quality is based on:

–  Modular system: you can make different connections with a few range of fittings.

– Stainless steel: all parts are produced by certified stainless steel AISI 316 and AISI 316L.

– Dimensions: we cover big dimensions up to 110.

– Suitable for drinking water.

– Easy assembly: our new design of the profile allows you to introduce the pipe into the fitting easily without extra-efforts.