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We offer a wide range of OEM press fittings manufactured in brass color.

 Press wallplate elbow female 90 46mm mm brass color ais               mm brass color 2                  presT ais concept mm brass color fondo transp 2               Press wallplate elbow female 90 46mm mm brass color ais


Our fittings has been designed by our own European Engineers team.

We designed an innovative a profile which avoids the risk of damaging the O-rings when the pipe is pushed on to the fitting.

Our fittings high quality is based on:

–  Patented design brass fitting, with three EPDM O-rings and inox sleeves.

–  Triple safety with three O-rings in the designed fitting.

–  Manufactured under the technical standards DIN 50930-6 and UNE EN ISO 21003-3.

–  Compatible with multilayer pipes.

–  Compatible with several jaw profiles U, H, TH, RFz

–  Lead free brass available on request.